protect your identity when booking an escort

How to Protect Your Identity when Booking an Escort?

Hey lads, are you guys new to this escort game? Need some tips? Well, we are here to lend a hand to make things easier for you!

In case you haven’t booked an escort before, it would be a good choice to hide your identity and if you think that the escort agency website seems a bit fishy – maybe, use some fake details first to test the waters. 

Having said that, if you are booking from a reputed escort agency like us, you might be required to provide your real ID. These agencies generally don’t proceed without proper ID verification.

But in case you still need some help to protect your identity when booking an escort, then read on!

Why Do Reputed Escort Agencies Need an ID?

Any legitimate agency will take these ID verification processes very seriously so that they can know where you stay, or what’s your actual name. And, don’t worry, they don’t do this to publicly display your names on billboards!

Instead, this can make sure that their escorts can carry out their job in a safe and secure work environment. And, we can understand that there can be individuals who might feel a bit hesitant to share their real IDs – especially, if they are new to this entire thing.

But, just try thinking about it from their perspective. 

No matter how unlikely it might be – if a client contacts an agency with some ill intentions – they can rely on this verified information to get the necessary help from the concerned authorities.

Having said that, this kind of scenario is extremely rare, and verifying your IDs is mostly just a routine process for these reputed escort agencies.

How to Protect Your Identity when Booking An Escort?

Now, in case you like a few escorts from a particular agency, and you want to make sure that your personal information remains safe – here are some things you can do to protect your identity when booking an escort

Choose from High-End Escort Agency

While selecting an escort agency, first make sure that they are legitimate, and they have built a good reputation among their clients. Maybe check out the comments section below their escort profiles. 

For instance, on our EmpireEscorts website, there’s a reviews section below all our escort profiles, where our clients can share their experiences about the lovely time they spent with our escorts. If you’re interested feel free to check that out!

Agree to Screening Process

Now, just handing out your personal details might not seem very discreet, but you have to remember that the escort agencies that are taking their time to verify each and every detail, are more likely to provide you with a more professional experience while booking an escort.

An escort agency, who have already made their name among their clients, won’t go through the trouble of blackmailing you. Instead, they just do the verification to make sure that you are genuine.

Consider The Place You Want to Meet

Now, you might find a lot of escorts in the UK, who offer both incall and outcall services. If she’s offering incall escort services, then it’s well and good – as you don’t have to worry about any known person seeing you.

However, if she’s offering only outcall escort services, you might want to think about the location you’re inviting them to. In our case, a lot of our clients prefer enjoying our services in a luxury hotel. 

This can be a lot safer option, for the clients as well as for the escort. As, if she’s visiting you for the first time, there wouldn’t be any hesitation on her side to provide her sessions inside a well-known hotel.

Try Being Courteous and Respect their Boundaries

And, lastly when you get to meet your gorgeous escort date, just be a gentleman, and respect her boundaries. If you can show her proper respect on your date, chances are you will have a lovely experience while being with her. 

However, if you start pressuring your date with uncomfortable demands, or show any signs of aggression, then it’s quite possible that the agency will put your identity on their client blacklist. Moreover, this information can also be shared with other escorts to let them know about any potentially dangerous clients. So, try to be on your best behaviour while you are at it!

At Our Escorts Agency, We Take The Matters of Security Very Seriously

At our Empire Escorts agency, we generally ask for IDs so that we can verify the details provided by our clients while booking their dates. However, after verifying the details, we don’t keep these details on our database – so, you don’t have to worry about any leakage of your personal information. If you are also looking for a safe and secure escort experience, then feel free to contact us and book a lovely escort from our escort gallery!

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