What to know before Hooking up with Someone Older

What to know before Hooking up with Someone Older?

Well, being in the escort field, hooking up with an older guy is not out of the ordinary. Having said that, we’re sure that there are some ladies out there, who don’t have much experience with someone older – but are a bit intrigued to go down that road!

 Unless you wouldn’t have clicked on this blog, right?

Now, if this is your first time – you might need to be mentally prepared for a few things, otherwise he might surprise you in ways you wouldn’t even imagine! Now, we obviously mean this in a good way!

So, thinking about Hooking up with Someone Older? Then read on!

5 Things to Know Before Hooking Up With Someone Older

It’s a fact that you can find a lot of older men out there, who are quite the gentleman. They know how to give respect and treat sophisticated women. We are sure, the ladies out there might agree that older men always have a different kind of charm, which you wouldn’t find in pretty boys!

Here are a few things you should know before hooking up with someone older,

Older Guys Like Sophisticated Ladies

If you’re thinking about hooking up with someone older, then you should have a calm head over your shoulders. As older men, especially those girls who have a bit of depth in their thoughts. If they know that they are dealing with someone sophisticated – they will fire off their engines more easily!

They know what they’re doing

It goes without saying that older men generally have a lot more experience in bed. They know those tender teases and those tantalizing touches that can make a woman weak in their knees.

You won’t see them fumbling around, as they will get right to the business from the very start. 

They won’t do a sloppy job of it

Now, having such an experience under their belt, older men are not there just to impress you. Instead, just by watching you reach your peak, as you try to grasp for some air – they find the ultimate satisfaction. 

But, remember once you go along with an older man, there’s no turning back, as you will find it hard to get any satisfaction from the less experienced one.

They take their time

Older men like to take their time with their ladies, as they know this very well – that rushing it is not the answer! According to some of our escort girl in Sheffield, they are generally pros, at a nice and long necking session. 

So, unless you start getting goosebumps down your spine, along with a streamy trembling body – they wouldn’t start their main performance. So, be ready for it!

For them, ladies come first

From what we heard from our Sheffield escorts, older men treat their ladies well, and we mean it. In case you are in the habit of reaching the peak of your sensation only once per session, then get ready to have multiple ‘Os’ – because once they start their engine, they are not stopping that pleasure train!

Their “O” is not a Priority

Now, older men are also pretty good at delaying their peak, as they enjoy being at the top of their sensation, for a prolonged period of time. They see these intimate moments, from an emotional point of view of their partner, which means they will try their best to satisfy you first – before taking care of their own needs!

Ever heard of the saying, Good guys finish last? Well, they are the living embodiment of that saying!

Now, after sticking with us until now, have you made up your mind about hooking up with someone older? Don’t hesitate, ladies, just go for it!

Our Escorts Love Spending Time with Older Guys

At our EmpireEscorts agency, our girls love spending time with older guys. And, after handling a number of older gentlemen over the years, they know exactly how to navigate that situation! 

If you also want to join our elite Sheffield escort agency, then feel free to reach out. Our doors will always be open for all the gorgeous ladies out there!

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