VIP Escort Services Nottingham

VIP Escort Services Nottingham

You can find a lot of escort services out there that might provide VIP escort services Nottingham, but are they really VIP? Are they up to the mark? As we’ve seen over the years, other escort services tend to follow a transactional approach – you can pay up, you do your thing and move on! 

Now, that’s what we call boring – there’s got to be something more than that, right? There’s a reason why these services are called VIP. At Empire Escorts, our VIP escort services Nottingham are different, as our escorts are well-trained and refined, and are worthy to call themselves elite escorts in Nottingham

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What Sets our VIP Escort Services Nottingham Apart? 

We understand that, when our clients go for our VIP escort services Nottingham, they need something more than a hot baby doll by their side. They want someone who has got the brains and knows how to talk to people while carrying themselves respectfully in society. 

But, surely when the lights turn off, they also want someone to throw this sophisticated getup out of the window, and just focus on the wild, steamy passion while having the time of their life!

Here are some of the features that set our VIP escort services Nottingham apart,


Overall look – Right from historical times, beauty has always been appreciated, and in this sector, our gorgeous escorts have their look comparable to models – well, some of them might actually be models. And, with their soft calm demeanour, they set themselves miles apart from other VIP Escort Services Nottingham. 


Physique and lifestyle – Our escorts take great care of body and diet, to make sure they stay in shape. Some of them also take regular boob massages to keep them nice and firm, – so that you can feel the heaven while touching them. Furthermore, at our VIP escort services Nottingham, some of our escorts also have a few kinky tattoos and piercings on their body. So, if you’re into that, then you’re in for some great surprises at night!


Personality – This is obviously a must-have for all the VIP Escort Services Nottingham. Most of our escorts have a great bubbly personality, along with a cool sense of humour. So, you get to enjoy the fun side of our escorts outside the bedroom, and another whole new side of a naughty temptress inside the bedroom. And, honestly, both these can equally surprise you.


Talent – For any VIP escort services Nottingham, their escorts should have the talent, and the drive to see that fulfilment on the faces of their clients, when they become finally satisfied after a passionate night. Men usually prefer girls, who can be there for them, throughout this entire journey. So, anything that looks transactional can turn off the mood.


Style – At our VIP escort services Nottingham, all our escorts are very stylish, and mostly wear premium brands and naughty lingerie. Surprisingly, a lot of our clients have some fun lingerie requests for our escorts, when they have to wear a specific type of underwear. Well, there’s no judgement there, as taking off that naughty underwear or pulling down her premium panties, from her soft, bare body can have its own sense of fulfilment. 


What Do Men Expect from VIP Escort Services Nottingham?

Most of our clients contact our VIP Escort Services Nottingham because they want some special, pampering experience from our escorts. 


  • Some clients like to take our escorts to special events, where they want a sophisticated companion. And, after the event, there’s also the option to bring her back to your place, to fulfil some of your suit fetishes.
  • Some clients also call our escorts when they feel lonely, and need some carefree, steamy companionship to get them back on track. 
  • Some clients also call our escorts, when they need someone to just pull down their pants and say you’re the man – this helps them to boost their confidence. 
  • Finally, some clients just want to try something new – maybe they like the sex scenes of Fifty Shades of Gray, or they want to ram someone on their office table and have their way. 


Whatever our clients have in mind, our VIP Escort Services Nottingham, cater to them all!

Searching for VIP Escort Services Nottingham?

Want someone to give you a goodnight kiss at a special place? Maybe it’s time to wake up and try something new with our VIP Escort Services Nottingham. 

You can visit our escorts gallery to choose the escorts of your choice. On their profiles, you can find all their detailed information – such as their Bust sizes, where they’ve got any tattoos or piercings and so on. 

Give us a call at 07404027235, or contact us on our WhatsApp. We are here to listen to all your naughty kinks and desires, and provide you with the finest VIP Escort Services Nottingham!