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Be a part of our elite Escort Agency Nottingham club, where Kink is the taste of our game! Empire Escorts provides the finest gallery of call girls in Nottingham, UK – right at your doorstep.   

We’ve made quite a reputation for our high-end escort services among our clients. With an awesome collection of fit babes, and unforgettable steamy experiences, there’s no looking back with us. You can pick any of our elite escorts to fulfil your desires in private hotels or even invite them to your place.  

Our escort agency Nottingham don’t just provide eye candies, but the whole package – our escorts are smart, and most importantly they know the techniques that can make your heart race a hundred times faster.   

Why Choose Our Escort Agency Nottingham? 

We have hand-picked our sophisticated, intelligent, and charming escorts for our elite Escort Agency Nottingham. So, you won’t expect any kind of unprofessionalism.  

And each of our escorts has their own unique kinks, so you can expect a whole new package of naughty surprises every time.  

Your desires are also our desires, so you don’t hesitate to try them out! 

  1. Professional Encounters

From day one, our Escort Agency Nottingham are committed to upholding the standard of professionalism among our escorts. We’ve carefully selected our escorts, to make sure they are serious about their work.  

So, they can provide a comforting environment for our clients, and meet their expectations. 

  1. Unique Kinks for Endless Surprises

Diversity is our forte. Every one of our escorts has their own unique set of kinks and turn-ons. Which means, with every interaction, you are in something new, fresh and adventurous. 

At our Escort Agency Nottingham, we try to give some importance to individuality, so that our clients can keep getting some naughty surprises every now and then, while having their minds blown out of excitement. 

  1. Your Desires, Our Priority

Your desires are more than just preferences – they are our mission. Our escorts are dedicated to making your deepest, darkest fantasies come to life.  

Take our work for it, there’s no need to hold back; let the animal inside you take charge, and let the night take care of the rest! 

  1. Tailored Packages for Quality Over Quantity

We believe in quality over quantity. You’ll have complete freedom to customize your packages, in case you need our escorts to accompany you for longer durations! 

Take as much time as you need, until you’re finally satisfied.  It’s not just about the clock ticking; it’s about creating lasting memories and connections. 

  1. Intimate Atmosphere Crafted by Masters of Seduction

We also cater to clients – who prefer women taking charge, in moments of passion. All of our escorts are queens of seduction, – which, you can also enjoy the deed even without lifting a finger.  

With our passionate, seductive princesses, you’ll get to enjoy the pure essence of intimate passion, along with a sensual ambience. These will be the moments that will stay in your mind for months to come – we guarantee that! 

Booking Process and Services  

Easy Booking Process  

Empire Escorts provides an easy and seamless booking experience, by choosing from our sensual escort gallery. You can book your sexy companion for various occasions, – whether you want to plan ahead for a date, or you want it to be a spontaneous encounter, our escorts will always be ready to provide the finest service for our clients.   

Confidentiality and Trust  

At Empire Escorts agency Nottingham, we try to portray professional value to our clients. This means you can rest assured that your identity or any other confidential information will be safe with us.    


Our elite escort agency Nottingham Services is open seven days a week. You can avail of our high-end escort services at,  

Monday to Thursday: 8 pm – 6 am 

Friday & Saturday: 10 pm – 8 am 

Sunday: 9 pm – 7 am.  


Let’s Adress Some Come Misconceptions About an Escort Agency Nottingham  

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of our clients have a few misconceptions about the services we offer. So, it’s high time we address them, and clear some of the doubts, 

  1. It’s Only About Physical Intimacy

Misconception: Many of you might think escort services means it must be a physical encounter. 

Reality: Sure, you can be as naughty as you can, but our escort agency Nottingham is more than just that. As, with our services, you can also book our escorts to spend some quality in the streets of Nottingham and make some genuine heart-to-heart connections along the way. 

This way, you’ll feel something magical when you both decide to become intimate. 

  1. Lack of Professionalism

Misconception: Some individuals even believe that getting an escort service can compromise their privacy. 

Reality: At our Escort Agency Nottingham, we’re very serious in terms of the privacy of our clients. We’ve specially trained our escorts to handle all the client’s encounters with utmost discretion.  

So, fear not – even if you decide to spend some quality time with our escorts, it will only seem like any other casual date to others! 

 3. Stigmatization and Judgment

Misconception: On some occasions, a person getting an escort service can be subjected to a lot of judgmental eyes. 

Reality: We believe in a non-judgmental approach at our Escort Agency Nottingham. We believe that a person has the right to seek warm and comforting companionship.  

And, bearing that in mind, we strive to provide safe and respectful space for our clients, to make the most of the time they spend with our experienced escorts – no strings attached. 

  1. Exploitation of Escorts

Misconception: There’s also a misconception that escort agencies force their escorts to work in this profession. 

Reality: At Empire Escorts, we always try to prioritize the well-being of our escorts. All of our escorts have been in this profession for many years and have willingly decided to join our agency.  

And, we have always treated all our escort partners with utmost respect and have also created a positive and consensual working environment. 

  1. Limited Scope of Clients

Misconception: There’s a belief that escort services are exclusively for a certain demographic or type of client. 

Reality: We don’t discriminate among our clients, as we provide our services to a range of demographics within the city of Nottingham.  

We have faith in our escorts, as they have a lot of experience – connecting different types of individuals over the years, making various special and unforgettable bonds along the way. 

  1. Short-Term Focus Only

Misconception: Some assume that escort services only offer short-term, one-time interactions. 

Reality: While it’s true that you can book our escorts for brief encounters, we still have many clients who value long-term arrangements.  

So, whether you want a single night of pure passion, or several dates of gradual foreplays moving up to that that special day – it all depends upon you. Oue escorts are quiet flexible in these cases! 

A Brief Overview of the Nottingham City 

Nottingham is known for being a lively city, present at the heart of England. Visitors might feel a special charm in this city, with its beautiful cultural heritage.  

People here at Nottingham are quite energetic and full of life. Furthermore, as some of you might know, this city is also known for the legendary outlaw, Robin Hood. 

However, beyond its cultural treasures, this city also has some major tourist attractions. Speaking of Nottingham, we’ve got to mention the Lace Market district, where you can find some fine art galleries, quirky shops and trendy cafes lining the cobblestone streets. All of this will give you a welcoming atmosphere, in the streets of Nottingham.  

What Can You Expect in Nottingham? 

In case you want to explore deeper in this city, you can visit theatres like Nottingham Playhouse and Theatre Royal – which let you enjoy a variety of performances, right from classical plays to fun modern shows. 

And, for those who favor antiques, you can explore the City of Caves, and visit the National Justice Museum in the historic Shire Hall. You might have chills standing in the middle of the hall. 

This hall’s main objective is to showcase the changing law and justice systems over the years, in Nottingham.  

You can also choose from a whole lot of options, in terms of entertainment. Visiting Hockley and the Lace Market after sunset can be a whole new experience. That’s when the real fun begins! 

Convenient Accommodations for Visitors 

In Nottingham, you can find plenty of warm and welcoming accommodation, which is also quite affordable. There are options for high-end luxurious hotels in the city center, or you can go for the cosy bed and breakfasts present in the beautiful neighborhoods.  

However, in case you want to pick somewhere closer to those major Nottingham attractions – staying near the city center might be a preferable choice.  

This way, you’ll be able to reach Nottingham’s landmarks on foot. It’s a nice place to have a relaxing evening. And, if you want to make your evenings more interesting, Empire Escorts are always there to help! 

Looking for an Escort Agency Nottingham? 

If you have been through our escorts gallery, feel free to set up a date from the escort’s profile, or contact our escort agency Nottingham directly on 07368 428 158 . 

We’ll be happy to provide you with the finest escorts available in Nottingham city.